A Bakers Dozen is Suite

It’s called a Baker’s Dozen.  You purchase 12 donuts and you get 13 delicious circles and twist of sugar and cream.   I love it.

There is a Suite deal waiting at Beaches Boscobel too.  A dozen categories of rooms and suites to pick from ensure you get the right fit for your tribe.   The 13th is not a room or suite.  But when you spend so much time relaxing or napping in loungers on the beach, in the garden, or poolside it just feels like a 13th accommodation.

If you’re ready to splurge, then it’s time to consider the once in a lifetime experience that comes with the Prime Minister Penthouse Oceanview One Bedroom Suite at the resort.   You get postcard views of mountains, ocean and the entire Beaches Boscobel resort from the top of the main building in the resort.

The huge plasma television can be viewed from the solid mahogany king size bed or the luxurious whirlpool.   On the other side of the door is a really cool parlour with a queen bed and pull out sofa for the kids.  This room has a huge dining area, wet bar, and powder room plus plasma television.

To top off your prime experience there is an over-sized private deck with views of the St. Anne Mountain range.   Some of my best moments were shared with the family sipping coffee and sampling fruit and breakfast desserts with a stunning view of the ocean and the entire resort lay out below us.

One bedroom suites in the Sunset Oceanfront section are on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the popular Chela Bay Building at Beaches Boscobel.   A family of four is really comfy in these spacious suites and it only takes a few minutes to track white sand in from the beach.   Bathroom, beds, and a private balcony with killer views means you have plenty of elbow room.

If you didn’t leave one of kids behind by accident the Palm Breeze suite if fabulous for five.   There is deck the size of a battleship from this top floor suite that is shared with three other families.   The views of the tropical gardens and ocean are spectacular and my wife and I made new friends as fast as our kids.

Bonus tip.  My wife and I discovered that it was really easy to suggest a reciprocal kid watching agreement with other parents so we could take turns sneaking off by ourselves.  It works for everyone and you can tap into that fountain of youth that couples hope for when they vacation in paradise.

Take your time checking out all your options before you book.  Mega suites, terrace suites, and other accommodations come with some freebies.    Some choices might provide a free night stay, free catamaran cruise, air credits, or even free vow renewals at Beaches Boscobel.

No matter what room or suite you pick, I promise that even the donuts will taste better.