A Delicious Time Machine

Yep, I locked my kids out and my wife never complained.

I love my kids but I was never happier to be in a partitioned suite with a door that locks.   I blame it on Beaches Boscobel and their incredible time machine.   Are you curious how they transported my wife and me back to a time when passion was not just for prime time?

They simply created an experience that rejuvenates your “just married” vibe.

Picture this!   You can enjoy a greeting card setting with a romantic, private, candlelit dinner for just the two of you.   Imagine a garden gazebo in a lush, manicured plant location away from the restaurants.   How about a twosome on the beach with the Caribbean Sea sliding up to the sand?  You can even have your breath taken away by a movie style sunset from an ocean piercing pier.

The waiter is in white gloves, the rose is long-stemmed, the wine is sparkling like her eyes, and your intimate candlelight dinner is 4-course foreplay of delicious foods for you and your bride.   That is how you will see her as you are transported back to your beginnings.

We cancelled our plans to enjoy the abundant nightlife and traded the stars over our heads for the stars in our eyes.   I remember us walking hand in hand back to our suite.  I’m not sure that I could remember our kid’s names at that point.

Just remember that this memory costs extra and should be booked in advance of your visit.   Beaches Boscobel offers plenty of dining options that are included in your stay.   You can stick with your favorites or sample all the restaurants and leave your wallet in your room.

Caribbean cuisine is unmatched at Eleanor’s and the elegance is off the charts.   That also means that Resort Evening Attire is required rather than recommended.    Resort Casual attire is okay at The Venetian.

The Venetian will transport you to the tastes and scents of Rome or Naples.   The food is plated by master chefs and there is a wide variety of wines for toasting on the terrace.   Check out The Bayside at Beaches Boscobel for all three meals.

The Bayside buffets mean no waiting to load up on international specialties.  I recommend saving a trip to the Bayside for a Friday night when they host their famous Seafood Gala buffet.

The big whoop about spending a lot of time on the gorgeous beach is that you are just steps away from the Tex-Mex treats at the Arizona.   The creaky wood deck patio is right over the shimmering sea and screams “comfort food”.    I’ve eaten here during the day but try to catch a hearty meal at night under a canopy of stars.

Just remember:  Resort Casual means polo shirts, dress shorts, slacks or jeans, sundresses or skirts and similar apparel.   Resort Evening equals long pants, polo or button-down collared shirts, slacks, sundresses or skirts and similar apparel.  No shorts, jeans or t-shirts.

There are so many choices at Beaches Boscobel to eat, drink, talk and laugh that you might be tempted to unlock the kid’s room and take them along.