Going Down Without Holding Your Breath

It’s all about the pleasure!

A Caribbean resort vacation can fill your imagination with thoughts of pleasure you’ve never experienced.   The personnel at Beaches Negril know all the best ways to put a smile on your face that someone has to pry off with a crowbar.   You won’t even pay.  It’s actually included.

Scuba diving is serious excitement and no one makes it easier to become qualified to explore the colorful reefs and have underwater fun than the pros at this resort.

Top of the line tanks, harness, fins, regulators, masks, and weights are provided by fully PADI-certified dive pros at the resort.   Remember that all certified divers are still required to complete a scuba orientation on arrival day and provide a medical evaluation form.

Basically you can get all the instruction and certification needed to dive to 30 feet at Beaches Negril.  It’s as easy as one, two, and three!   First you will have to fill out a medical questionnaire which can actually be downloaded before you leave home.

Second, you need to stop by the dive shop when you get to the resort for a painless orientation of the dive facilities and sign up for the resort scuba course.  The course is about 3 hours and includes pool time in the dedicated dive pools plus a video.

Third, you finish training and jump in the water with trained instructors.   You will have all the equipment you need and it’s only 4 divers to one instructor for safety sake.

The dive boats at Beaches Negril have experienced Captains and crews.  These beautiful 50 foot boats have a spacious 16 foot dive deck, tank holders and even a fresh water shower onboard.  Quick tip:  Non-divers are not permitted on the boats so don’t plan on family coming along for a boat ride.

Just a reminder:   Some courses require spending some money so make sure you get the facts online or from a resort rep before you go.

The dives sites are pretty cool.  There is a ship wreck where an old mine sweeper created a colorful reef teeming with native fish.   It’s at 50 feet below the sea but the top is at 20 feet so even new divers will be able to enjoy this underwater adventure.

Experienced divers will enjoy exploring the Maffesanti Reef to play among the lobster, conch and occasional ray.   The Silver Reef is popular too with a variety of trenches corals, sea fans, and sponges.

If you’re waiting to have the time of your life at Beaches Negril my advice is, “don’t hold your breath”.   Just strap on a scuba tank and go down.