I Do Not Pee in Pools (Wink)

I don’t pee in pools.

But I came close when I tried to show my kids how cool I am by joining them on the waterslide they picked out at Beaches Boscobel.   It was steep, fast, and crazy fun that had my kiddies grinning at the look on my face.   I don’t even think I noticed the incredible view my first trip up to the shove off point.

I’ve been to waterparks but I never went to one with a view of the Caribbean Ocean.   There is something for every member of the family at Beaches Boscobel Pirates Island.   You can pick from 9 twisty pretzel waterslides with a speed for every age.

This colorful park is nearly an acre of wet fun for everyone.   If you’re not interested in seeing how fast you can make your heart beat just bring a book and sunblock.    Or you can spend quality time making memories with the little ones.

Taking priceless pictures at Beaches Boscobel Kid’s Zone while your little ones enjoy the misting crab, playful seahorse or squirting sea turtle is a great way to spend time.   Water war with your kids is a blast at the Treasure Isle Aqua Play area, complete with water cannons and a huge treasure chest.

I was okay with the tube slides and body slides but the speed slide took a bit of courage.   If I wasn’t being goaded by my teens I’m pretty sure I would have just made up a story about how fearless and fast I was under the Caribbean sun.

Quick Tip:   This Park is nearly an acre of jam packed fun and it’s really easy to get distracted and separated.   Get the family to agree on a specific location to check in every 90 minutes where the kids will find one of the adults.   Make sure the kids have a strong sunblock that is waterproof.  Nothing ruins vacation like sunburn.

Splashing around in the water works up a robust appetite.  The whole family can wander over to BBQ Park and load up on jerk chicken and other barbeque favorites.   Remember, it’s all included at Beaches Boscobel and they have big, clean bathrooms.

Just in case you didn’t pee on the waterslide.