I’m Not Ashamed to Admit I Gave My Kids Away in a Foreign Country

I admit it.  I gave my kids away and I was smiling when it happened.  Before you tell me how terrible I am I just want to say that it was mostly my wife’s idea.

My wife is a full time Mom that loves our children.  At Beaches Negril Resort she discovered she is a Mom with honeymoon intentions.   She showed me how to have family fun and couples time.

Beaches Negril anticipates our every need, including the desire to have a world class resort experience for the entire family.  That means they are kid experts.   This resort lavishes attention on the kiddies while Mom and Dad play.

There are exciting and interesting activities for all ages from tots to teens.  You can relax knowing that everything is age-appropriate and completely supervised by pros.    The resort calls it Kids Camp but Mom calls it “Guess Who’s Single for the Next 12 Hours” Camp.

Let me roll out the details for you.

Newborn to two years get coddled and cared for by U.S. University trained and certified child development specialists and Certified Nannies.   Pretty cool, right?   The babies are in the lap of luxury with a climate controlled complex with swim diapers, sun screen, baby food, formula, comfy toys, bottles and every other item a parent appreciates.

The 3-5 year old gang has energy to burn and Beaches Negril has it covered with toddler pools, shell collecting, face painting and treasure hunts.    They will tell you stories at dinner about puppet shows, costume time, magic shows and building sand castles.

Pre-teens live it up with sailing, beach volleyball, glass bottom boat rides, and scavenger hunts.  Don’t be surprised when they are bummed out to have to hang with parents when the sun goes down.  They will be looking forward to the next day of reggae jam sessions, beach soccer, and pizza making with their new friends.

Okay, don’t be surprised if your teens show up for supper with cooties.   Co-ed water sports, dance parties and boat cruises mark their Kids Camp experience.   Your teens will chatter about their own “nightclub” with karaoke, pizza bars and soda bars.

A couple of tips here.  After camp care is available for parents having a romantic night out.  Check with the front desk for affordable hourly rates and a possible Nanny late night transportation fee.  Plus, you can check out the one-on-one Coordinator/Nanny service available for special needs kids.

At Beaches Negril they have kids covered with care so you can enjoy a care-free time.   So, I admit we gave our kids away smiling but it’s even more important to notice what happened when we got them back.

They were smiling too.